Craig Blanchard November 7, 2009 8 About These Forums - Please Read


These forums are a long time coming.  Thanks for your patience.  We will fill it up quickly, I am sure.

Veteran EZStreamers: Please feel free to add content and ask questions that you think might help others.

EZStream is now in its sixth year of operation.  We have many clients that have been with us from the beginning.  We can't thank you enough for your  loyalty.  Many have seen EZStream grow from a small company trying to figure out how to serve up a few audio broadcasts, to the company we are today with the ability to serve hundreds of broadcasts every night to tens of thousands of people.

Please visit these forums often.  If you can, add some information or ask some questions, that would be great.  We have all gathered a lot of knowledge over the years and we need to share!

Again, welcome and thanks for visiting.